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Ceresit CR90 Crystaliser Slurry 25, kg

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Crystalizing coat for waterproofing of buildings and structural components with Henkel's exclusive Hydroslide Effect technology.

Due to the Hydroslide Effect technology it has:

Stronger reduction of capillary water absorption over other seals.

Stronger reduction of aggressive substance dissolved in water ( chlorides, salts etc). 

Higher protection against mold and moisture dirt.

Long-lasting aesthetic effect.

For sealing against moisture and water penetration. 

The CR 90 creates a sealing coating on the surface of the substrate and additionally creates crystals in it's porosity

and fills the capillary passages,ultimately excluding the transfer of water into the concrete in both directions. 

Internal and external use. For the sealing of balconies, underground and concrete walls, water tanks and swimming pools.

Resistant to negative hydrostatic pressures.


Density 1,35 kg/dm3
Color of cementitious Grey
Packing 25kg
Indicative consumption 3 - 8kg/m²

CR90 Crystaliser Slurry 25kg