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EPS 100 Polystyrene 1000 x 600 x 50

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Expanded Polystyrene EPS  is a material, one of the most widely used

internationally, used in construction industry from the foundations to the roof.

It is a light and rigid insulation material made of plastic foam, which is produced

by compact polystyrene particles.EPS expanded polystyrene products: They offer

excellent thermal insulation properties while they maintain low weight as they

consist of 98% trapped air.The EPS products are applied to a building from its

foundations to its roof, indicative application fields: Roofs (coating of storeys –

pilotis spaces, concrete panels, conventional & inverted roof) Floors (residences and

underground levels) 1000 x 600 x 50


Thermal insulation of polystyrene L=0.36 (W/m*k)
Water resistant of polystyrene low water absorption

POLYSTYRENE EPS 100 1000x600x50