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Delivery service rates:



Weight Category

Price per Item


0 Kg 1 Kg



0 Kg 10 Kg



10 Kg 30 Kg


Price per Kg for weights exceeding 30 Kg



2.Additional Services

Delivery to Receiver’s door (Zones A&B only)-  €1,50

Pick-up from Sender’s door (Zones A&B only)-  €1,50


The above fees do not apply to very large loads (e.g. 1 truck / load or 2 pallets). In this case, we will contact you for further consultation.

For large items (for example, from drywall (> 10 pcs.), Wooden houses, building materials, tiles, etc.), where a crane or a lift is likely to be required, the delivery man may charge a fee on a case-by-case basis.

Prices do not include VAT. Fragile items should have the appropriate signage.

Packaging is the sole responsibility of the shipper and it must provide the necessary protection to contents for the duration of the transportation.

The vehicles do not have climate control in cargo area. Delivery company will not be held responsible, for the condition of the contents of any shipment that is carrying, that might be vulnerable to temperature fluctuations. Such items will travel at thinstructions and sole responsibility of the shipper.

Transportation of your goods will be materialized according to the General Transportation Terms and Conditions of our Company, the European Road Transportation Regulations and the applicable Laws of the Republic of Cyprus.

Dates & Delivery Time

Delivery is from Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 18:00.

Limassol, Cyprus   l    Tel: 0035777772210