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Technonicol ecolight P, 4.5 Kg, slated grey

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ECOLIGHT MEMBRANE P is a roofing and waterproofing modified bitumen membrane that allows

obtaining the effect of “cool roof” thanks to the white slate with high solar reflection used as the top protective layer.

As a result, the roof covering is not heated and the premises under the roof (attic or utility room) save comfortable


Designed for installation as the top layer in double-layer roofing system or as a single-ply polymer-bitumen roofing

membrane on buildings and constructions. Can be used for new construction or repair.

Roofing material has the following advantages:

Reduces energy costs for conditioning the premises under the roof up to 30% (per year);

Increases roof life: high reflectivity reduces the influence of UV rays on the waterproofing layer;

Maintains an aesthetic appearance of the roof;

The membrane is easy to clean.


Cold flexibility of the membrane 0 C
Color of the membrane Grey
Packing of the membrane 1m*10m
Surface density of the membrane 4,5 kg/m2

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