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Ceresit CM12 Flex, 25 kg

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Code: 01.001.002

Classified as C1TE according to the European Standard EN 12004.

For the installation of ceramic tiles indoor and outdoor areas with increased water penetration potential, on cementitious substrates.

Perhaps one of the few tile adhesive in the world that contain quartz sand rather that marble which has most adhesives.

For welding ceramic granite indoors. CM 12 is extremely suitable for bonding large floor panels (up to 80x80 cm).

Tile Adhesives

Color of the adhesive White
Packing 25 kg
Indicative consumption of the tile adhesive 1.5 - 4.0 kg/m2
Open Working Time 30 minutes
Grouting After 24 hours
Temperature Resistance -30°C to +70°C
Reaction to the fire A2/S1

CM12 "ELASTIC" 25kg

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