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Technonicol ecolight P, 4 mm, sandy

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Code: 24.022.006

The membrane is easy to clean.

Maintains an aesthetic appearance of the roof;

Increases roof life: high reflectivity reduces the influence of UV rays on the waterproofing layer;

Reduces energy costs for conditioning the premises under the roof up to 30% (per year);

Designed for installation as the top layer in double-layer roofing system or as a single-ply polymer-bitumen roofing

membrane on buildings and constructions. Can be used for new construction or repair.

Roofing material has the following advantages: temperature;

As a result, the roof covering is not heated and the premises under the roof (attic or utility room) save comfortable

obtaining the effect of “cool roof” thanks to the white slate with high solar reflection used as the top protective layer.


Cold flexibility of the membrane 0 C
Packing of the membrane 1m*10m
Thickness of the membrane 4 mm


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