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About Us

A.M. One Visit Solution LTD has been operating as a trading company with commercial, manufacturing and reselling activity in construction section, from 2017 in Limassol Cyprus. 

The company is specialised in providing various solution for the construction industry, supplying high quality materials and equipment. A.M. One Visit Solution LTD has been working in this field with professionalism, reliability and consistency, by growing its reputation and quality of service. 

The A.M. One Visit Solution LTD constantly maintains the Cypriot customers and desires at the heart of its concerns, with excellent service each customer is the hub of the corporate philosophy. These key features, make us the milestone that any customer is looking for, with complete and impeccable result.

We assist our customers turning their ideas into reality, by supplying them with high quality products and providing with the best service. We offer a variety choices of construction material for broad range of customers. The experience and know – how of our staff as well as their deep knowledge in construction industry, are the attributes that have given us the high level of confidence of our customers. 

One of the company’s innovations is to educate its employees and invest them around their best experience. A well experienced employee always is the key for better results. Our employees are the main point for making our customers satisfied, by delivering complete ideas, solutions & services.

At the same time, the company is constantly developing the Corporate Social Responsibility sector by investing in products and creating the feeling of sensitivity with actions to the benefit of the environment and society.

 The A.M One Visit Solution LTD continues its dynamic presence in the Cypriot market trend with the continuous support of the people, pursuing increasingly growing confidence of its customers, with flag optimal purchasing experience.